Poppy seed oil, cold-pressed

Poppy seed oil, cold-pressed

The rediscovered specialty oil

Poppy seed oil was an underestimated, even forgotten ingredient in European kitchens for a long time. Only in the last few years has this light yellow vegetable oil had a revival because it can do more than one supposes at first. Only fully mature seeds of the poppy seed find their way into the poppy seed oil from Pödör.

In addition the cold-pressing process ensures that the substances contained are retained to the greatest degree. The gentle production process makes poppy oil with its unobtrusive taste easily digestible and therefore ideal for diet cooking. Whoever has not counted poppy oil amongst their favorites until now will change their mind after consuming fresh pasta with a few drops of this oil over it!

Uses for cold-pressed poppy seed oil

The oil from poppy seeds has a finely acerbic, slightly nutty taste which is released especially well in cold foods. Due to its optimum combination of substances poppy oil provides variety in low cholesterol and whole foods diets. It harmonizes with steamed or raw vegetables, salads and traditional middle European dishes. It is not without reason that this light yellow oil is a popular ingredient in poppy noodles, poppy dumplings and poppy strudel.


100% oil from poppy seed.

Average nutrition values

100 g contain on average:

Energy3751kJ /896kcal


Saturated fatty acids14g

Monounsaturated fatty acids15g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids71g





May contain walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts or sesame seeds in traces!

Omega fatty acids

Omega-3 3,1 g
Omega-6 47,6 g
Omega-9 15 g


Unopened it can be stored for 18 months in a cold, dry space protected from sunshine. The exact expiry date is displayed on the bottle.
After opening, it is recommended to use it within 3-4 months, so that its valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals do not lose their high quality.
It is an unfiltered oil, so best to shake it up before consumption.

Country of origin: Austria

Positive effects of poppy seed oil

A whole 87 to 90 percent unsaturated fatty acids are in this cold-pressed poppy seed oil. The cardiovascular system is especially grateful for this content.

A large percentage of omega-6 fatty acids differentiates poppy seed oil from all other vegetable oils. Omega-6 fatty acids such as linoleic acid and arachidonic acid cannot be produced by the human body. These substances however ensure some important processes in the body which make them necessary. They indirectly control blood pressure and reactions to inflammation.

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