Organic black cumin oil, cold-pressed

Organic black cumin oil, cold-pressed

The spicy flavour bomb of ancient times

With its flavour slightly reminiscent of cumin, its strikingly intense golden colour and its countless valuable components, the black cumin seed oil is truly unique. Black cumin itself is regarded by many as a life elixir, and its healing power has been highly appreciated since ancient times. Black cumin oil gained from the seeds of the Egyptian black cumin counts as an exotic ingredient in Europe.

Pödör’s black cumin oil is 100% natural, unrefined and unfiltered. The seeds of the Egyptian black cumin, coming from ecological farming, are pressed cold with great care, in order to preserve all their valuable ingredients. In naturopathy, it is applied for alleviating various types of symptoms, for strengthening the immune system and for skin treatment.

Uses for organic, cold-pressed black cumin oil

Make sure you do not heat black cumin oil, so you can preserve the remarkably high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and its valuable components. With its spicy taste slightly reminiscent of black pepper, sesame and roman cumin, black cumin oil beautifully harmonizes with both raw and steamed vegetables, and is ideal for flavouring sandwich creams, salads, soups and pastry.


100% oil of organic black cumin

Average nutrition values

100 g contain on average:

Energy3693 kJ /898 kcal


Saturated fatty acids16g

Monounsaturated fatty acids26g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids58g





May contain walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts or sesame seeds in traces!

Omega fatty acids

Omega-3 0,3 g
Omega-6 55,3 g
Omega-7 1,2 g
Omega-9 24,2 g


Unopened it can be stored for 18 months in a cold, dry space protected from sunshine. The exact expiry date is displayed on the bottle.
After opening, it is recommended to use it within 3-4 months, so that its valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals do not lose their high quality.
It is an unfiltered oil, so best to shake it up before consumption.

Country of origin: Austria

Positive effects of organic black cumin oil

Black cumin oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids; therefore, its consumption has a beneficial effect on the human body.

A prized medicinal herb of ancient times

The tiny seeds of the black cumin go far beyond being a mundane spice. As early as in ancient times, naturopathists would use it for alleviating all sorts of symptoms (related to digestion problems, inflammatory diseases, asthma) as well as for skin treatment (dermatitis, psoriasis).

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