Organic hemp seed oil, cold-pressed

Organic hemp seed oil, cold-pressed

The green source of nutrition for the whole family

Native hemp oil shimmers enticingly green in the bottle and emits a distinctive aroma of grass. However it does not only charm with its appearance and flavor but also with its effect. Hemp oil is the only edible oil with an optimal combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which make it even more health-promoting than many other oils.

Hemp oil does not contain any THC so it does not have a narcotic effect. In addition the oil from hemp seed contains rare gamma-Linolenic acid that works wonders on dry, sensitive skin.

Uses for organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil

Use organic hemp seed oil from Pödör to enhance many foods and lend them that special little something. The distinctive, grassy note of hemp oil is retained best when it is dripped pure over prepared meals. Native hemp oil has a very low smoke point so it should be heated as little as possible. It harmonizes especially well with raw or steamed vegetables and is also an ideal ingredient for curd cheese spreads and dips as well as salad dressings.


100% oil from organic hemp seed.

Average nutrition values

100 g contain on average:

Energy3751kJ /896kcal


Saturated fatty acids10g

Monounsaturated fatty acids13g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids77g





May contain walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts or sesame seeds in traces!

Omega fatty acids

Omega-3 21,2 g
Omega-6 43,1 g
Omega-9 13 g


Unopened it can be stored for 18 months in a cold, dry space protected from sunshine. The exact expiry date is displayed on the bottle.
After opening, it is recommended to use it within 3-4 months, so that its valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals do not lose their high quality.
It is an unfiltered oil, so best to shake it up before consumption.

Country of origin: Austria

Positive effects of organic hemp seed oil

The combination of unsaturated fatty acids in organic hemp seed oil is simply sensational. The optimal ratio of 1:3 between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is not to be found in any other vegetable oil. The fatty acid pattern of Linoleic acid and alpha-Linolenic acid makes hemp oil a true health bomb. Its positive effects on the production of hormones, the immune system and cell regeneration are remarkable.

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